Catalin Anastase started photography in November 1987 with black and white portraiture and light painting photography, adapting it in a glamorous way to people and still life.

The portfolio was developed with a dramatic approach for fine art portraiture and mysterious light painting mood shots.

Catalin Anastase is an expert in Light Painting Photography, he started exploring this technique since 1990 and proudly featured in British Journal Of Photography in 1992.

He created the metaphor and the concept of BLACKLASER IMAGES from the combination of black and white photography and laser-look style using light painting photography techniques, lighting directly to the camera or Reversed Light Painting Photography.

His ability to scratch the darkness with a torch or a laser to create an image, offer the viewer the luxurious and mysterious look.

Catalin’s training in performing arts, as actor, provided him with a theatrical style in his experimentation as a Light Painting Photographer.

His dramatic interpretation of imaging style is personified by mood in almost all his images of light allowing him to explore ‘Laser Nudes’ and ‘Laser Still Life’ as his main artistic projects.

In 1995 Catalin exhibited body light painted images at the International Festival for Photography in Burghausen.

The principal theme was “Old Things in a New Vision” where he presented the light painting photography technique with female bodies in a different light for the first time. That was the start of a long journey in light painting photography.

His research for a different style in photography and an alternative approach to “shy people”, lead him to a new understanding about how to obtain in a portrait more confidence and how people can be helped to accept and love themselves.

The photographer and the model are connected through a light beam, scratching the dark to create a new image.

Catalin has exhibited light painting and black and white photography throughout the world currently in Sydney, Australia to Help shy People to Discover and Share their Beauty.


Sydney, Australia – Laser Moments – Exhibition at Art Moment Gallery – 2007

Sydney , Australia – Projection Exhibition at TAP Gallery for the book launch OPEN 24 HOURS – 2005

Auckland, New Zealand, 2002-2004 Laser Nudes – The Edge Gallery

Wellington, New Zealand, 2001 Laser Nudes – Newtown Gallery

Masterton, New Zealand, 2001 People, Traditions and Events – Cameleon Gallery

The Art Museum of Constanta, 1997 – nude

The Festival for Avant-Garde Photography – laser nudes in Burghausen, Germany, 1995

The French Institute, Bucharest, 1995 – nude

AAF Gallery, Bucharest, 1991 – 1994 photojournalism, portraits

Welcome to my personal portfolio. On this site you will find a selection of both recent and older projects.

I am a Copenhagen based multi-disciplinary designer and art director, specialising in brand, visual identity, packaging, art direction and the occasional bit of digital.

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